Watamu Sport Festival

Watamu Sport Festival

The Watamu Sports Festival Is a weekend long festival that brings together the active -lifestyle lovers for two days of energetic racing and fun activities. It is also the Selection race for the 2020 ITU Multisport World Championship in Almere, Netherlands in September 2020.

The Festival features a wide variety of events combining competition and fun in a uniquely beautiful setting.

These events are:   Triathlon - 1 Km Swim, 30Km Bike, 7 Km Run

                             Duathlon - Sprint - 5Km Run, 20Km Bike, 2.5Km Run

                              Duathlon -Standard - 10Km Run, 40Km Bike, 5Km Run

                              Half- Marathon - 21Kms Running 

                              Watamu Run    -  10Kms Running

                              Wife Carrying Competition - 250Metres Obstacle Course.


 The event begins with a swim in the open waters of the Watamu Marine Park. Then onto the Draft-Legal Bike section where the competitors will do 3 laps of a 10Km loop. The whole ride is on dirt roads, all triathletes will be restrained to the use of mountain bikes as this event is a selection for the Cross Triathlon at the Worlds. The bike course is mainly flat though some sections are a little windy. After the bike they will embark on a 7Km run on a mixture of terrain including paved road, dirt road and the finish with a 400-Metre- beach run. 


Starts with a 400 metre beach run before going into dirt roads and later onto paved roads into the transition. The Bike course is the same as the triathlon but duathletes are allowed to use either road bikes or mountain bikes.Drafting is allowed on the bike leg. The second run is also the same as the triathlon route but the distance will vary according to the event one is doing.

Half Marathon & 10Km

The runs have been set to maximise your experience of the coastal life and culture in Watamu. Starting on the beach, the course meanders beautifully in and out of the nearby villages before passing through Watamu town. The sunny weather at this time of the year combined with the humidity from the nearby ocean will for sure make this running experience unique. 


 Wife Carrying Race

 This is a short adrenaline filled race whereby the competitors run carrying their partners and tackle aobstacles along the course. The person being carried must weigh MORE THAN 49 kgs. If a person weighs less, then they will have to carry a backpack or some weight so as to attain the set weight. Whatever they carry, they have to hang on to it to the end of the race. The first couple across the line wins the race.


Event Details

Event Name: Watamu Sport Festival
Event Date: 10 Oct, 2020
Individual Registration Rate: 25.00
Total Registrator: 79
Spots: 221
Start Date: Dec 17, 2019
End Date: Sep 30, 2020
Category: Running Events
Address: , Malindi, +254
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